LEE YING + GERRY (right) / REY (left)


Gerry braved through 3 months of ulcers, after being brought to the Love Kuching Project. It happened that @leeyingj was a volunteer fosterer who was learning to care for cats, during which she got so attached to Gerry that she adopted her, complete with a signature patch of skin where the ulcers were.

12 months later, Rey joined the family. Saved from being put down, he’s still really scared of strangers. But together with Gerry, they’re now a perfect paw family!

Follow their adventures @leeyingj

#furrystory #AdoptDontBuy #AdoptDontShop #catadoption #adoptionstory #secondlife #cats #catssg #catsofsingapore #neko #rescuedcats #leeyingj

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