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Mori’s early days were spent living near the unsanitary garbage chute area, and roaming the treacherous grounds of a carpark. He had to avoid moving vehicles, hide under parked cars, scavenge for food, and many more unthinkable situations that we don’t know for sure. But it was not until one day when Mori and his sweet little family caught the attention of the kind souls of a nearby vet clinic, whom by their convictions, helped fostered and rehomed all of them.

This little fuzz ball came home with us at a mere 8 weeks of age. His frisky personality in addition to his pearly blue kitten eyes, and oddly short whiskers which end off abruptly, swept us off our feet! As first timers, we were worried that we couldn’t handle this fur kid. The first week was a little challenging as we were just getting to know each other. But with patience, guidance and lots of TLC, Mori adapted to his new home in no time. Well, on his part, he was very cooperative too.

Since day one, Mori has always been easy-going and good natured. Except for the few times when he nips because we pissed him off by going overboard with harassing him, and the one time when he just got neutered (he felt betrayed). Today, at the age of one, this spunky adolescent is a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny! We sometimes wonder if Mori feels lonely being alone at home and we feel bad about it. So we’d usually try to take him out on adventures with us. One of his most exciting adventures to date was attending a design festival and he fell in love with one of the installations!

It is never a dull day with Mori around as he is our instant pick-me-up! We are always in awe at how this silly cat could cheer us up just by being himself. Oftentimes, we’d catch him doing illegal things at home and that cracks us up when he puts on the kangaroo-in-spotlight look upon realisation that he has been caught in action.

There is a misconception that cats are fiercely independent therefore are less interactive and fun. But Mori proved that notion wrong. We like to think of him as a cat-dog. He plays fetch, likes company (a total lap cat) and follows us around the house, greets us at the door, has a friendly temperament and saunters to us for hugs and headbutts. We could go on for hours with his silly stories about how he’d play, and how he’d do wonderful cat business like sitting on important papers and books, photobomb when you’re doing a shoot, lounging on your laptop keyboard, and then tries to play catch with your fingers while you are typing away on your laptop. Therefore, as independent as they can get, a little love and attention for them goes a long way.

Join Mori on his kitty activities @mori_mao

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GOOOD and Responsible Pet Ownership

At GOOOD, we are all advocates of responsible pet ownership. This means that beyond the stuff we make for your furkids, we also want people to adopt the best philosophy to keep both you and your pets happy. And so, here’s some of the most important things that we want people to know!

  • Adopt. Don’t buy. They might look cute, but there are thousands of cuter ones in shelters and adoption agencies, who are waiting for you.
  • Pets for life. Having a pet means being responsible for its life. Your pet will stick with you through thick and thin, and you should too.
  • Proper pet identification. Register your pets and make them easily identifiable at all times. The last thing we want is to lose our furry friends, who mean so much to us.
  • Healthy food choices. It is very common for pets to have for allergies, which can result in all kinds of physical ailments. Make sure you have a good conversation with your vet to find out what works best.
  • Maximum play time and exercise. Pets need their exercise, just like you do. Give them enough toys and take them for walks so that when they’re home, they’ll be calm and peaceful with you.
  • Preventative healthcare. Regular checkups will help identify any signs of illness. Make sure they see the vet at least twice a year for regular checkups to keep them fit and healthy.
  • Provisions for aging pets. Sadly, pets get old like people do. To give them the most comfort in their aging years, adjust their diet and make sure they have clean, comfortable living spaces.

Remember that if it is GOOOD for pets, it is GOOOD for you. It is our hope that together with you, we’re able to encourage pet ownership that is responsible, fun, fulfilling and filled with fur.

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